Meet Christy Sturm

I love theatre. It isn’t much more complicated than that. That is how I began as a theatrical photographer.

I grew up doing theatre. I started in the 5th grade and continued through high school, college, and as an adult. I loved doing it – the immediacy of it, the fact that it’s there and then gone, the fact that no matter how long the run of a show is, every single production is always different. I love the artistry of everyone involved, from the people on stage to the artists constructing costumes, creating complicated & realistic lighting effects, building and dressing believable sets and so much more.

I began shooting live theatre in 2012. Our high school theatre group was doing a wonderful production and I simply thought it would be nice for the kids to have the pictures for the future. I became addicted to shooting and jumped on board. I continued with that high school, then a local community theatre company picked me up, and another high school had me come in.

Finding moments, capturing the director’s vision forever, finding true characters on the actors’ faces, seeing the work of all the different artists come alive and capturing their art is my passion. Especially doing so for young people and working to show them the beauty in their own passion for their art and, hopefully, feeding their self-esteem so they realize that who they are right now is perfect and that what they love to do helps increase the beauty that floods out of their eyes!

Those last feelings and goals have also translated into my work in portraits. I adore creating shoots that are fun and playful and bring out what makes the subject glow. I love to see that little spark in the eye and the honest smile when I tell them how great they look. I love to capture relationships & that elusive “moment in time” that comes and goes so quickly.

So that’s what I do. I don’t have a lot of pictures of myself as I’m always (and I mean ALWAYS) behind the camera. But the pictures I do have usually show me doing the other thing I love: singing! I’ve been singing forever. In fact, many weekends you can find me singing with my band in local venues – doing my best Aretha, Annie Lennox, Sade, Etta James, or Adele. It’s a blast and it’s my other passion besides photography.

A little about me personally? If I’m home, I’m mom to 4 kids. I dig horror & thriller movies, zombie fiction & movies (Walking Dead, y’all!) many different fandoms (HP & Hannibal, anyone?), I love to scrapbook, hunt Pokemon, and tickle my 2 littlest boys. I’m a special needs mom (my Henry has Down Syndrome) and I’m addicted to Diet Coke & gummy worms!

That’s probably more than anyone wanted to know, but I tend to share a lot of myself. I end with saying this. I believe that everyone is beautiful and it is my quest to use my skills to make you see what we see.

After all, life is beautiful. And so are you.

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