Sleeping Beauty – Winter 2016

The elegant and amusing story by playwright Michele Vacca draws many elements from the original 17th century French fairy tale by Charles Perrault.

This adaptation tells the story of King Philip and Queen Eleanor, rulers of Pharoffland, who are unhappy because they can’t have a child. The three good fairies of the kingdom — Rose Petal, Moon Beam and Twinkletoes — cast a spell to help them, and soon the king and queen celebrate the birth of their baby daughter Rosalind.

However an evil fairy is angry that she was not invited to the party and puts a curse on the baby. When Rosalind turns 16, the curse is activated and it is up to the charming Prince Stephen, with the help of the fairies, to awaken Sleeping Beauty.

This Theatre for Young Audiences production was performed on the Woodstock North High School Performing Arts Center in February 2016

Director: Letitia Lyon

Technical Direction: Sue Lewis

Choreography: senior Julia Slomski

Stage Manager: senior Anna Gabrielson

Lighting Design: senior Zach Thornton