Alice in Wonderland – Winter 2014

After Alice tumbles down a mysterious rabbit hole, she finds herself in a strange land where everyone is raving mad. With the help of a Cheshire Cat, an astute Caterpillar, and a righteous Humpty Dumpty, Alice must find her way home and discover who she really is.


Performed in the Woodstock North High School Performing Arts Center in February of 2014

Director — Letitia Lyon.

Tech director — Sue Lewis


Narrator — Cali Schulenberg

Alice — Julia Slomski

Mad Hatter — Ranae Haskins

White Rabbit — Jack McCoy

March Hare — Luke Foster

Cheshire Cat — Avery Keesee

Dormouse — Amy Carr

Caterpillar/Tweedledee — William Taylor

Tweedledum — Katya Taylor

Queen of Hearts — Jessica Swank

King of Hearts — Tim Kempster

Knave of Hearts — Spencer Alvarez

Humpty Dumpty — Ariella Simandl

Duchess — Elena Libri

Cook — Stella Cosgray

Tiger Lily — Gianna McGuire

Violet — LeAnna Wyse

Daisy — Pami Padilla

Rose — Maddie Emmons