A Christmas Carol – November 2015

Join Scrooge as he journeys through the Christmases of Past, Present and Future with his three ghostly guides. Woodstock Musical Theatre Company’s annual production – with enchanting children, colorful costumes, clever special effects and merry Christmas carols – transports you to 1843 London.


Performed in November of 2015 on the Woodstock Opera House stage.

Artistic Director  – Beth Davis

Assistant Director – Mary Beth Brown
Choreographer – Beth Davis
Stage Manager – Kathie Comella
Production Coordinator – Kathie Comella
Technical Coordinator  –  Elaine Riner


Frederick Dickens/Young Scrooge: Brendan Gaughan

Ebenezer Scrooge: Matt Hallstein

Bob Crachit: Tom Cynor

Marley’s Ghost/Old Joe: Jeff Cook

Ghost of Christmas Past: Jenna Boyd

Ghost of Christmas Present/Portly Gentleman: Steve Sturm

Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come: Joey Brown

Fezziwig/Portly Gentleman: Rob Cunningham

Mrs. Fezziwig/Mrs. Dilber: Karen Cook

Mrs. Crachit: April Noel

Belinda Crachit: Savannah Slusser

Belle Fezziwig: Riley Coduto

Boy Scrooge: Will Cunningham

Grace Fezziwig/Alice/Maid: Isabella Aguilar

Dick Wilkins/Topper/Undertaker: Logan Silva

Fan Scrooge: Raina Thiegs

Tiny Tim Crachit/Ignorance: Charlie Martin

David Crachit: Caleb Monge

Agatha Crachit: Kennedy Monge

Peter Crachit/Older Scrooge: Matthew Savas

Martha Crachit: Grace Shulz

Jane: Angelina Straus

Older Belle/Charwoman: Tracey Lanman

Baker/Father/John/Bleeker: Greg Boyd

Ann Fezziwig/Elizabeth: Ava Snider

Children: Jack Brown, Will Cunningham, Charlotte Cynor, Allison Goers, Eliza Goers, Raina Thiegs