As a theatrical photographer, I find it essential that I have experience on the stage, as it gives me insight into how a play or musical works, how moments are created and the idea of the “big picture”. I have decades of experience doing shows myself and have developed a love of capturing those “once-in-a-lifetime” moments for others.

I currently shoot the seasons for Woodstock North High School, McHenry County College,  and Woodstock Musical Theatre Company. I have also shot shows for Townsquare Players, Woodstock High School and Huntley High School in the past. I strive during each shoot to not only capture large, stage-filled moments, but also individual ones. I endeavor to capture not only the actors, but also the completed vision of the set designers, lighting designers, costume designers & directors in vibrant color – as seen live on the stage. My goal is to create a scrapbook of those directors’/designers’ visions in as many different views as possible.




The print-ready photos can be delivered 2 ways: either by uploading to an online print site (like Snapfish) where prints can be ordered or via CD. Two CDs for the director/company are included in the base cost. CDs can also be made available to cast & crew for a nominal fee – usually $10 for 1 disc or $20 for 2 or more.

Please peruse my theatrical photo galleries and see a very small selection of photos from each of the shows I’ve shot.


If you are interested in hiring @christysturm photography to shoot your show, please “Contact Me” and send me an email.