Special Needs

special needs photos

I’m not only a photographer, I’m also a mom of a child with special needs. (That’s him on the upper left in black & white & in the middle) So I get it. The desire to have pictures – any pictures – of your whole family or even just of that child, but even the idea of it is daunting. “How will he behave?” “She’ll never sit in a chair & smile.” “I can’t even imagine how he’ll react in a STUDIO!” Even wondering if that tiny window of opportunity will close before the photographer’s set up.

I get it. I do. That’s why I’m offering special rates for families like you. I understand not being able to come up with $200 because you still have to buy diapers for a teenager or pay the respite care or because your child broke the last TV in the house and you have to use the money to replace it.

If you are a family looking for portraits of or with your loved one who has special needs, I would love to help you!

For $50, I will come to wherever you want – your house, a favorite park, your backyard, your child’s room – wherever – and work with you for an hour (give or take – I get it!) I will work with your child right where they are – lying on the floor, hiding in the corner, watching their tablet, or in mom’s arms. I don’t expect anything from them. The point is to get a nice picture of who they are – and they aren’t a “sit in the chair smiling blankly” type of person.

After the photo sitting and my processing, I will upload the photos to a place like Snapfish and you can peruse them and see if they’re what you want. If not, I will refund your money. Because you shouldn’t have to pay for pictures you don’t want. Or, if you’d rather, I will come out and we can try again.

If you like them, you can order from that site or I can burn a flash drive for you for an additional $5 (the cost of the drive, nothing more). Then you can order them from wherever you like!

As the mother of 1 kid with moderate to severe special needs and 2 others with mild needs, I know how impossible it can be to get professional photos done. It is part of my mission to help create the photos you desire and make your loved one feel as beautiful as they are! And to do it the way they need.

Contact me by clicking the “Contact” button in the upper menu or email me at christysturmphoto@gmail.com